The main factors affecting the price of watches Why offer rolex watches so expensive?

Why do rolex watches offer so expensive? Swiss watch Swiss often say "watch is the highest technology, the least raw materials, and then the most expensive price." Therefore, and jewelry, it is a luxury (here that does not contain the dash watch). Rolex watches offer replica watches prices rolex watches offer Why do rolex watches offer so expensive? Swiss watch Swiss often say "watch is the highest technology, the least raw materials, and then the most expensive price." Therefore, and jewelry, it is a luxury (here that does not contain the dash watch). Watch is also a symbol of money and identity, the value of millions of dollars is the real luxury watch prices, so there is a poor play car to play the rich table, said, there is heard of a complex value of Vacheron Constantin watch is equal to But with most of the goods, the price determined by the brand of the watch, the cost of the process by the impact. Rolex watches offer 26,000 yuan Price factors: brand, brand is actually the level, give a simple example, if all automatic calendar steel case strap male table, style are similar: rolex watches offer 26,000 yuan, while the TUDOR and OMEGA watches offer May be 13,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan LONGINES, TISSOT 4,000 yuan. Although the movement is ETA, then watch the price is considered the value of the brand. Such as AUDEMARSPIGUET, BREGUET, Vacheron Constantin, Patekpilippe, etc., so big brand watches, they are not large annual output, so the price of each table to 10 million basic, is a real luxury watch.

Price factors: origin, replica watches uk the main production state: Switzerland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), in fact SWISS MADE is a watch quality label. Only the real Swiss watches, Germany to produce the bell to sell the price. Price factor 3: style, watch style mainly to see two points: (1) the appearance of the table. Including case, strap. (2) movement of the function. Precious metal case naturally expensive, especially with platinum is the most expensive. In addition with tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are more expensive, shaped case than the average expensive. Inlaid with diamonds or other precious stones jewelry watches, the price is even more incredible, such as: rolex dial set with 10 small diamond diamond word than the retail rolex watches offer more than 10,000 yuan. Remember! Unlike watches and jewelry, it is priced by model. If it is full of watches, like PIAGET that, the basic price in more than 100 million. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom in 1952, the product of the baseband Jiemi diamond-studded diamond and emerald watch I have seen, it sold 2.6 million, with a 101 movement. Rolex dial set with 10 small diamond diamond is not more than the word retail rolex watches offer more than 10,000 yuan

Now the general function of the watch is an automatic calendar, a complex watch will be counting, moon phase, calendar, energy indicator, tourbillon, alarm table, playing spring and other additional features, are complex tables. Complex table generally only big brands of watches, the estimated price is generally between 10-100 million. Watch the price seems to have little or no mechanical or quartz, quartz watches are also very expensive. The value of watches mainly in appearance, brand-name jewelry watches are the most expensive. Four factors: rare and artistic design, rare and rare style of watches will often be the choice of watch collectors, and even the rare style of the dial can become a selling price, for example, I had received an Arabic alphabet and is Computer disk full steel shell ROLEX watch, at that time, this piece of fashionable rolex watch offer is more than 30 million, compared to the ordinary watch style, special watch design tend to have a higher price. Artistic table mainly refers to the enamel painted dial or pocket watch shell, this table is mostly handmade or hand-drawn, the output is very low, Beijing watch factory has a called "Dielianhua" enamel plywood Tourbillon watch Sold to 1.2 million. This piece of fashionable rolex replica offer is more than 30 million

Price factor five: the authenticity of counterfeit watches flying everywhere, but when the false first of all there is no brand value, so the price can only be calculated by parts, namely: how much a watch movement, a shell and strap how much money for those Modified semi-fake watches are also considered a class of fakes, the price should be greatly discounted. Price factor Six: phase, watch the product phase, including the movement of the new degree and appearance of wear and tear, whether the movement is faulty and maintenance of mechanical damage. If there is a new packaging, watches have instructions or certificates, for example, all to be the whole film rolex watches offer to be higher, the lack of a lot of low, the appearance of defective products with poor or movement failure watch Are not on the price.